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Aluminum Prototyping Service


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At Deluxe modern machine shop, we focus on providing professional machining service for rapid prototyping, sheet metal parts, plastic injection molding and casting parts. Equipped with high-tech machines like multi axis CNC, turning and milling machines, 3D, SLA/SLS, CMM etc. Our international engineering team and technicians devote themselves to turn your papers into parts in a very quick turn with an ideal price. Come and join us, we’ll bring you a deluxe but super value experience!
Manufacturing Center
Deluxe group invested a series of advanced equipment, we’ve trained an international management and working team. Also Deluxe has strict testing process and excellent supply chain in China.
Our Capabilities
We devoted ourselves into rapid prototyping, precision CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, injection molding and casting services. We welcome all the customers to inquiry.
CNC prototype service
Precision CNC machining
Sheet metal and assembly
Plastic injection molding
Casting and machining service
Finishing Services
Our experienced engineers dedicated to provide you products with perfect surface finishes. kinds of surface treatments can be achieved at Deluxe, it not only meets the request for visual appearance but also factual mechanical features.
Our surface finishes are: spray paint, paint, powder spraying, sandblasting, shot blast, anode oxidation, thick film oxidation, micro-arc oxidation, electroplating, electrophoresis, laser carving, screen printing, wire drawing, mirror polishing, dyeing, black, CD, etching, highlights, etch, glue…
Light Sanding
Black Anodized
Laser Engraved Numbers
Heat treatment
Optical Mirror Polished
Full Transparent
Manual High Gloss Polished
Plating Gold with Bright color
UV Painting with Silk Printing
Ultrasonic cleaning
QC & Testing
Deluxe has advanced testing lab and equipment in house, strict testing system includes incoming material test, in processing check and output inspection process. Also we will provide you with QC inspection reports.
Our Test Tools And Equipment
Inside / Outside diameter micrometer
Needle gauge / Gauge block / Plug gauge
Thread ring / plug gauge ( Metric/inch )
Material spectrometer
Hardness tester
Three coordinates detector
Coordinate Measuring Instrument
CMM is the only way to check and test precision in complex parts. Using the Leitz LSP detection technology, CMM has the extremely high accuracy of measurement, scanning efficiency and good repeatability. Combine with the most perfect QUINDOS software, it can test tolerance in any shape product surface.
For more about us or just need some professional suggestion, contact us today!Aluminum Prototyping Service

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