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Application Machine: Hammer crusher, hammer mill or limestone crusher etc.
Main Materials: Super high manganese steel, alloy high manganese steel
Service: Processing with supplied drawings or samples
OEM: OEM is available
EO CASTINGS liner are widely used in mining, power plant, cement, magnetic materials industries, Earthmoving equipment and transhipment companies, dredging industry, recycling industry and Mineral processing industry.
The unmatched quality of our products has made us leader in supplying these products.
1.Lower operating costs
2.Longer Service when compared to conventional materials
3.Increased production
4.Improved product efficiency
5.Increased equipment availability
Manufacturing Process
1.After the contract signing, technician will correct and confirm the drawing for 3D simulation (if the customer don’t have drawing, we can provide the field sketch service).
2.Carbide EDS and 3D simulation.
3.The production departments do the casting work.
4.Heat treatment and water toughening treatment of product.
5.Cleaning and machining the qualified product.
6.Put the final product in dispatch area for delivery.
Different Types Of Liner Plates
Some important types of grinding mill liners are shown below, contact us if you have questions or need a style not shown here.Hammer Crusher Parts

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