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High quality solar powered water pump


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solar water pump system with solar panel
Model: DHSD90/1300-160 (centrifugal)
DC solar PV submersible pump
Voltage: 90V
Carry water height: 160 meters
Outline: 4in
Revolving speed: 3000/rpm
Power: 1300W
Flow rate: 3.6T/hour
Water outlet: 1.5in
Protection grade: IP68
Material: stainless steel
Complete pump including 5 meters four square millimeter of pure copper wire and 25mm water outlet
We can extend the cable according to customer’s requirements
1. Wide working voltage: 48-120V
2. With control system, the pump can make full use of solar energy
3. Over voltage protection/low voltage protection: when the voltage is too high or too low water pump will
automatically stop working, and then the pump will do self-detecting every 10 minutes, when the voltage recover
to 48-120V, the pump will start working again
4. Water pump can be connected directly to solar panel and work in the sunshine
Solar water pump appliction
1.  Pasture irrigation
2.  Desertification control
3.  Fountain
4.  Domestic water
5.  Agriculture irrigation
6.  Desalination of sea water
7. Drinking water
8. Dripping irrigation
Solar water pump features
.Structure, high-lift, noiseless, pollution-free;
.Complete electrical protecting controller device, against under-voltage, over-voltage, over-flow, over-load, waterless, etc;
.Automatically recovery;
.Control water height;
.Easy installation, maintenance-free, safe, reliable, energy-saving, efficient;
.Photovoltaic water pump, Permanent magnet brushless motor, Maximum power point tracking(MPPT)
.Ambient temperature -20°C-50°C
.Warrey time 3 yearsHigh quality solar powered water pump

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