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Changxin JinRui Garment Accessories Co., Ltd. is located in the famous city of China’s linings, the beautiful Taihu Zhejiang Changxing County Xiao Pu town, and the local area is also the most core raw material supply base of the domestic garment adhesive linings industry chain.
Since the founding of the company, we have rich experience in the production of adhesive linings and industrial chain advantages, so that the beginning of the non-woven fabric project began to have a higher starting point, we adhere to the concept of excellence, and strive to achieve better in the extension of the product.
The company mainly produces hundreds of varieties of high grade nylon grey cloth, non fluorescent large chemical fiber grey cloth, medium chemical fiber grey cloth, spinning lining, non-woven lining and so on. The company can also customize functional non-woven fabrics that meet the unique requirements according to the unique functional requirements of customers.
The company has the perfect research and development, testing, sample center; we have the best products and professional sales and technical team. In the seven years of the company’s development and expansion, we provide the best products, good technical support and sound after-sales service for the customers. The company has been strictly controlled from every lifetime production link, and always The quality of products is placed first and foremost. Quality is the core competitiveness of enterprises.
We always use high quality products as the basis of maintaining and customer feelings. We can establish the high quality image of Jin Rui garment accessories with win-win business cooperation. We sincerely welcome the visit of all friends.
China Non Woven Fabric
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